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The more you vote on your favourite music, the more you empower our The Best of All Time Player to select specific songs that you like and omit songs that you do not. If you vote for the same song multiple times, our player will remember that and increase or decrease the importance of each song accordingly. We all know that as time passes and our moods change, our desire for certain songs also evolve and The Best of All Time has been custom built to work its radio presence specifically around you and your needs.

On a global scale, The Best of All Time Player takes into account the general preferences of ALL of its important members (yourself included) and then moulds itself to the preferences of its general audience; therefore the more you vote, the more you impact the entire listening experience of every listener in The Best of All Time family. This allows our station to completely reflect the changing of moods and trends of music as the music industry evolves. In short, The Best of All Times turns traditional radio strategy completely upside down: We control our radio station instead of our radio station telling us what we want to listen to.

Welcome to The Best of All Time.

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