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Fast-Forward and Rewind to your favourite songs and vote on the songs that you would like to hear personally delivered to you! The longer you listen to The Best of All Time, and the more you vote on your favourite songs, is the more customized your listening experience will become.

Our Artificial Intelligence player has been custom built to remember who you are and deliver a 100% unique listening experience to you through our new High Bandwidth Technology. Listening to The Best of All time is Free and you do not have to register with The Best of All Time Radio to enjoy the streaming music immediately. Simply press the "Play Music Now" button located on the left of your screen and your free listening experience will begin.

Once you register with us, you will notice that our custom player immediately identifies who you are and immediately enables you to begin voting on the songs you like and dislike. All of your preferences will be stored directly in our servers so that you can visit from any computer in the world and still enjoy your personal 100% customized and continually evolving station. The Best of All Time Radio is like no other radio station on the internet.

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