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The Best of All Time Internet Radio consists of two independent players that have been married into one:
1. Our first player is the standard play that made us so popular with fans like you. It encompasses the top songs of the 50’s to now.
2. Our second player is what will make The Best of All Time Internet Radio the most popular radio site on the internet. It is a player that uniquely delivers music of every genre (music style) and breaks them down into easy to use selections that will fit any mood at any time.

With The Best of All Time Internet Radio, you will never be “stuck” only listening to a certain type (genre) of music, and you will never have to “flip stations” to find the music you really want.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence Technology also allows The Best of All Time to become a new breed of Music Discovery website that does not require you to enter any information before listening to music that you will truly enjoy and grow with. Play Now to find out more.

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