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The website you are now experiencing is the first stage of many great things to come. Now that Wireless Internet being deployed all across our globe and even car manufacturers are bragging that their newest models will soon be coming out with 'Onboard Wireless Internet', we believe it is time to re-define what is now known as "Radio". Imagine listening to a 100% personalized and 'commercial free' Internet Radio at Work, at Home and even in Your Car, complete with CD quality sound and immune to the inconveniences of weather and radio tuning capability. Imagine driving all across your country listening to a continual 'Stream of Music' that plays all that you have personally 'Hand Picked' as your favourite music while also exposing you to new music you have never heard before. This all delivered to you without even having to enter a single artist or song that you would like to play (just a click of a play button). Imagine the convenience of having access to all music from all time through your favourite radio station (The Best of All Time) and experiencing it from anywhere in the world, custom built for you: No need to even purchase or download a song to a personal player to then have to "Surf Through" to get to the songs you enjoy or want to hear at that moment. Most of these "Imagine Statements" have already come true with The Best of All Time Internet Radio, and in the near future all will come to pass.

The Best of All Time Radio strives to stay at the forefront of new Artificial Intelligence Internet Radio Technology and 'to our knowledge' there is no other Radio experience that can compare to the environment we have custom created just for you. We know this "New Wave" approach to music will quickly become the new standard of Radio Listening and we are glad to be the one that is paving this path of our future. Many millions of dollars have been spent on Satellite and Digital Broadcast media however nothing will ever compare to the capabilities, customization ability, versatility and ease of use that the internet and our radio experience provides.

Thank you for choosing The Best of All Time Internet Radio.

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